500Wh battery - Amsterdam+ eBikes


lekker bikes ebike battery accessory 500wh

Go further with this compact 500Wh battery: an upgrade option for the Amsterdam+ and Jordaan eBikes. Have a spare fully charged and you’re good to go right away.

Amsterdam plus black electric commuter bike

Jordaan GT concrete blue ebike

Please note that for security reasons, we are only able to supply this item if the purchase is made under a name that matches an existing bike order. If the bike for which this item is intended was not originally purchased under your name, our staff may ask you to provide us with the bike’s serial number and proof of purchase.


  • 36V, 14.5Ah, 500Wh capacity
  • Weighs only 3kg
  • Fits the Amsterdam+ & Jordaan eBikes
  • Removable for easy access to charging
  • Matte Black Alloy Shell Construction
  • Range: up to 100km
  • Shipped from mid-December