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Discover the Amsterdam eBike: perfect for city cycling and beyond, combining sporty looks with practicality. Its cool design ensures style and comfort, while global serviceability adds convenience. Enjoy a low-maintenance ride with its rust-proof aluminum frame and carbon belt drive. Simple, stylish, and designed for the urban cyclist who values efficiency and quality. The Amsterdam is your go-to for a seamless, enjoyable cycling experience.


What kind of rider are you?

Amsterdam Urban
Experience seamless urban exploration with the Gen3 Amsterdam Urban eBike. Perfect for city dwellers, it offers a sporty, simple ride with puncture-resistant tires and a powerful motor. Bluetooth connectivity and customisable power assistance put you in control, making it ideal for anyone seeking reliable, versatile travel with a touch of technology.
Amsterdam GTS
Discover the ultimate eBike for riders seeking style and power. Effortlessly tackle heavy loads and steep inclines, guided by an integrated control display and riding on puncture-resistant tires. Customize with a selection of colours to match your style. Power, control, and elegance combined for the perfect ride.

LEKKER Test Ride

Swing by at one of our LEKKER Bikes Brand Stores in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane to check out our current range of (e)Bikes. If you want to make sure we have the (e)Bike you want available, please book a free test ride in advance at your preferred location.

Got questions? We’ve got you.


Good question. Amsterdam Urban is our lightweight front motor eBike with a 7-speed gearing. It’s the perfect commuter electric bike, agile in every urban environment, ideal for quick rides to and from work (and everywhere in between). Oh, and it’s super-responsive too.

Amsterdam GTS is a little heavier with a slightly larger frame and a more upward seating position, which lots of riders find more comfortable. The M420 Mid-drive motor by Bafang, together with the Enviolo CT integrated hub provides a heavy power boost and full control when riding.

Ah, you must be a serious electric cycling tech-head. OK here goes.

The lightweight Amsterdam Urban eBike has a lightweight motor to match. The lightweight Amsterdam Urban eBike has a lightweight front hub motor to match. The super-efficient, ultra-durable Bafang FM G311 motor weighs just 3kg with a rated power of 250W and a maximum torque of 30 N.m. The 7-speed gearing makes travelling a breeze. You could say it rides like a motorbike, but it’s an eBike.

The Amsterdam GTS electric bike has a Bafang M420 Mid-Drive Motor, which serves up a maximum torque of more than 80Nm – one of the most powerful eBike motors around. Talking of power, you can tackle climbs with gradients up to 25%, no sweat (OK, maybe just a tiny bit). But no matter how hard you ride, it’s super silent.

One question at a time please, don’t rush us. OK. First up, yes every LEKKER eBike has a removable battery, so you don’t have to take the whole eBike inside for charging. Plus, upgrading or replacing’s easy. Which brings us to question 2. Here are the battery specs for the Amsterdam range.

Amsterdam Urban
Standard: 36v 10.4Ah, 373 Wh capacity Range: 40km-70km
Upgrade: 36v 14Ah, 504 Wh capacity Range: 65km-100km

Amsterdam GTS
Standard: 36v 10.4Ah, 373 Wh capacity Range: 40km-70km
Upgrade: 36v 14Ah, 504 Wh capacity Range: 65km-100km

Sure we can. And like the Amsterdam electric bike range, we’ll keep it simple. It’s the Dutch way. The Amsterdam Urban eBike has a 7-speed gear hub. The lightweight Front Hub Motor and 7-speed gearing will keep you going. And going. And going. Uphill, downhill, whatever terrain, the 7-speed gearing hub will make you fly. Well, ride.

The Amsterdam GTS’s M420 Mid-drive motor by Bafang, paired with the Enviolo City Stepless shifting and integrated hub, gives a hefty power boost and full control when riding. The Enviolo hub allows shifting at a standstill and easy riding in a stop-and-go situation. It laughs at locked gearing system problems. And with its 310% ratio, it’s perfect for urban commuting and longer weekend rides.

Both the LEKKER Amsterdam Urban and Amsterdam GTS eBikes comes with Scwalbe G-One Allround 57mm wide puncture resistant tyres, for maximum traction and smooth riding, beyond pavement roads.

For the Amsterdam Urban eBike light gravel roads and dirt won’t be a problem. It’s probably best to stay off the mountains and hardcore mudtracks though. The Amsterdam GTS together with its powerful Mid-drive Motor by Bafang, can easily take you on comfortable off road explorations.

The Amsterdam Urban is designed as a 7-speed electirc bike. You can choose from 3 levels of power assistance, together with the perfect gear ratio to keep boosting your cadence when reaching higher speed! Wheeee!

The Amsterdam GTS’s gear ratio is optimal for crusing up hill and on flat areas. It has a torque sensor that constantly measures how hard you pedal and calculates how much extra oomph to give you. Pedal more? More help. Less? You guessed it – less. Or in normal language, you get to turbo through traffic.

Yes! Both the Amsterdam Urban and Amsterdam GTS eBikes are fitted with the Litemove SE-70 front light and Buchell Nano COB integrated fender lights which are both STVZO approved. The lights are display-operated and powered by the battery.

The Amsterdam GTS's Seekrun TFT display has an IPX7 rating, meaning they are fully waterproof and protected against, dust, oil and other non-corrosive material. The Amsterdam Urban's Bafang LED button has an IPX5 rating meaning it's water-resistant as well as protected against, dust, oil and other non-corrosive material.

We’re not going to answer that because it would be a Very Bad Thing To Do. We want you and your fellow road users to stay safe. And we’re law-abiding people. So you need to know that riding tuned eBikes with a speed limit above 25km/h is against the law. It will void the warranty on your eBike and your insurance coverage too. Plus, it can have serious legal consequences. Like we said, a Very Bad Thing.

But wait! Although your motor’s capped at 25km/h, your eBike won’t be gated. So if you feel the need for speed (and your legs are strong like Cadel Evans) you can pedal as fast as you want.

Just the Amsterdam GTS eBikes. Only the GTS’s powerful high-torque Bafang M420 Mid-Motor is up to the task of hauling around your sprogs, dogs and, er, logs. The maximum combined tow rating is 45kg (trailer & payload), so don’t let a mate clamber in, however funny it might seem at the time.

You’ll need to buy the additional Thule Internal Hub Hitch Adapter SRAM, M10x1.0 (Thule Part #20100798) for it to be secured onto the GTS’s Enviolo Axle. This replaces the rear left-hand axle nut to allow the Thule EzHitch Cup to be fitted. Please make sure you follow all the installation instructions correctly. If you’re a bit nervous putting stuff together, we suggest getting help from your friendly neighbourhood bike professional.

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