Urban Range Exclusive: 7-Speed Gearing Hub

Urban Range Exclusive: 7-Speed Gearing Hub

Introducing the Gen3 Amsterdam and Jordaan Urban eBikes

Experience the latest in cycling innovation with our Gen3 Amsterdam Urban and Jordaan Urban eBikes. Each model features the cutting-edge Shimano® 7-Speed Hub, paired with a powerful motor for unmatched versatility in your daily commute. Whether you're cruising flat city streets, conquering steep inclines, or battling gusty winds, these bikes handle it all with ease.

 Effortless Gearing with the Shimano® 7-Speed Hub

The Shimano® 7-Speed Hub is the heart of our new eBikes, offering seamless integration with the motor for effortless riding. With seven distinct gears, the hub provides perfect control: lower gears make climbing hills and accelerating from a stop easy, while higher gears allow for smooth cruising at top speeds. This internally geared system means you can shift confidently without the risk of slipping or getting stuck, ensuring a smooth and reliable ride.

Low Maintenance, High Performance

Ideal for commuters, leisure riders, and adventurers, the Shimano hub requires minimal maintenance, yet delivers maximum reliability and ease of use. Its internal gearing mechanism is protected against dirt, debris, and weather, making it a superb choice for any environment.

Why Choose a Gen3 Urban eBike?

Our Gen3 Urban eBikes stand out for those who value efficiency, reliability, and the joy of cycling. Engineered to enhance every ride, these eBikes are perfect for daily commutes or adventurous explorations. The Shimano® 7-Speed Hub features a 245% gear ratio for smoother transitions and a wider range of gears. This design eliminates clunking and provides optimal control over varied terrains, from urban pathways to rugged trails. 

This combination of a powerful motor and high-quality components with the 7-speed hub elevates your cycling experience by simplifying it. Improved gear ratios enable quick accelerations at stops and effortless hill climbs. It’s not just about commuting; it’s about enjoying the journey and embracing the thrill of the ride.

Discover the Possibilities with our Gen3 Urban eBikes

Upgrade to a Gen3 Amsterdam Urban or Jordaan Urban today and embark on a journey of performance and innovation. Whether you're seeking a more enjoyable route to work or aiming to explore new terrains effortlessly, our eBikes are crafted to meet your every need and exceed your expectations.


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