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Your LEKKER Bike is made up of globally-renowned and recognised premium, tried-and-tested components. Why? So that all of our bikes are easy to service or repair, either yourself or at your local bike shop – worldwide. The untraceable eBike. No glitchy gizmos, we focus on what matters most: simply ride.

Removable battery

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Are our eBikes the best out there? We would say so. But you don't have to believe us. Read it for yourself on our review page.

GadgetGuy: Review

"A commuter bike with lots of storage racks so you can carry your shopping and go to and from work without breaking a sweat while still getting a little exercise." - GadgetGuy

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Two Wheels Good: Review

"Why are these bikes so beautiful? To me it is the perfect match, because these bikes are high quality bikes, with super nice well curated components, and super important to me they are very reliable. Every morning I get up I need a bike that works."

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