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Women’s Vintage Bikes Explained

Choosing a women’s bike can be a challenge sometimes, but here at Lekker, we take pride in our knowledge of vintage bikes so that we can offer you the best service and advice. When it comes to bikes, there are many options to choose from, so that’s why we’ve put together information and a comparison guide to help you find the right bike for you.

Traditional Bikes VS Vintage Bikes:

When it comes to bikes, there are many styles to choose from. You have bikes that are more suited for racing or fitness use, bikes for off-road adventures, and bikes that are more suited for cruising around town.

So, deciding the bike type is the first step to finding the perfect bike for your needs.

Vintage Bikes

e.g. Dutch, European, Cruiser

Dutch, European or Cruiser bikes tend to be more focused on comfort and style. Typically, these types of bikes are used for shorter or more casual trips to work or around town rather than competitive cycling, as they are built for comfort, not speed. Typically, Dutch or European bikes have a front or rear rack for transporting items. Mudguards and chain guards are typically included on these bikes to protect against oil and dirt.

Vintage bikes have really taken off in recent years due to their stylish appearance and ease of use. They tend to be more of a fashion statement whilst running errands around town, casual rides or commuting to work.

Road / Racing Bikes

e.g. Audax, Road, Tour, Hybrid, Cyclo-cross, roadster, mountain, time trial, BMX

Road Racing bikes, on the other hand, are built for longer riding durations and provide better equipment to handle roads and mountains. Road bikes are built to be lightweight but strong. The inclusion of having drop handlebars allows for powerful and aerodynamic riding movements, which is important for professional riding. These bikes are usually built for travelling at speed and tend to have more gear combinations. The use of narrow tyres on road bikes means a reduction of air resistance, which is crucial for racing bikes, as they want to get as much speed as possible.

How are Women's LEKKER Vintage Bikes different? 

Is it comfortable or practical?

Our women's vintage bikes have been designed to ensure that both qualities are adhered to. Our women’s bikes have been made to provide comfort with every journey and to be practical in design. The handlebars are slightly curved and elevated, providing a straight, upright sitting position, making these bikes typical of the women’s bike category. Unlike conventional vintage bikes, here at LEKKER, we’ve designed our vintage bikes to have a lightweight (13kg/15kg) aluminium frame and parts making it easy to manage. The vintage bike is more suited to comfort and practicality rather than speed.

Is there space for racks or frames?

Each women’s vintage bike has an aluminium front carrier rack. Thus, making it easy to attach a basket for transporting your goods to and from work or cruising around the city.

What about the gears?

Each women’s bike has an integrated gear hub making it easy to manoeuvre and practical to use. The gears provide the rider with different experiences and allow you to attack any urban terrain. Hills are not a problem for our vintage bikes due to a selection of gears to glide through.

Are there different sizes for women?

At LEKKER, our conventional women's vintage bike is available in two sizes, while the electric vintage bike is designed in a one size fits all way. The Jordaan 3 Speed, our conventional vintage bike, comes in the sizes Small (148cm to 170cm) and Medium/Large (160cm to 190cm).
Comparing the components of each vintage bike is a great way to get an understanding of the key factors needed to give you the most satisfaction from your buy. Here is a comparison guide we’ve put together to give you more information about the bikes in one spot…

Comparison Guide Lekker

Jordaan 3 Speed - $898

Small (148cm to 170cm), Medium/Large (160cm to 195cm)

Colours: Classic Black, Denim Blue, Linen Cream

The bike for women who like to travel a little faster while the wind blows in their hair.

Why you want it…

  • Aluminium frame making it lightweight (15kg)
  • 100% rust proof and maintenance-free, less cleaning is always an advantage
  • Upgrade to the Shimano 7 speed internal gear
  • Spacious frame and internal cabling
  • Premium LED front and rear light
  • Rear aluminium rack
  • Comfortable saddle and grips lessen how sore your behind gets when you ride
  • Kickstand, bell and an additional bungies

Sound good? Shop the Jordaan 3 speed today!

Jordaan+ Women's eBike - $2,398

Size: One size fits all (155cm to 195cm)

Colours: Classic Black, Denim Blue, Linen Cream

Ebike = Even better than before. More features for the women with places to get to and fast.

Why you want it…

  • Aluminium frame
  • Weight of 27kg including battery
  • 100% rust proof and maintenance free = no fuss
  • Powerful front hub motor 25w/14.5 AH
  • Pedal-assist system (5 levels of electric assistance) with 250 Watt output
  • Samsung cell 36 v battery (50km to 100km on one charge), ride further than ever before
  • Max speed of 25kph, who needs a car anyway
  • Tektro electric front and rear Shimano roller brakes
  • Double kickstand
  • Integrated bell
  • Urban proof tyres wear down slower

Sound good? Shop the Jordaan Women's eBike today!

If you would like more information feel free to contact our staff that will be more than happy to help you with any enquiries. All our staff have a comprehensible knowledge of our products and will be able to give you valuable advice on the perfect bike for you. We hope this information has helped.

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