What LEKKER suits you best?

What LEKKER suits you best?

If you’re thinking of swapping your car, for the freedom of cycling. Here’s your guide on finding the right bike. Everyone’s commute is different, which is why choosing the right bike is important when getting the most out of your two-wheeled friend. What kind of journey are you faced with?

Only have a short distance to ride, and keen on the relaxed approach?

A LEKKER Womens or Mens Jordaan would be your perfect fit. You can sit comfortably with their high rise bars and upright riding position. Internally geared hubs allow you to ride in comfort and style without the concern of high maintenance. Worry less, enjoy more!

Need a little push during your commute?

The LEKKER X eBike and E-Jordaan will power you anywhere. The upright seating position means you can stay relaxed and comfortable while on your journey. Facing any hills? The combination of internal gearing and pedal assistance lets you conquer those bad boys with absolute ease. All our eBikes are equipped with disc brakes, meaning you are ready for whatever the weather throws at you. With amazing hydraulic stopping power, they stay reliable and you’ll be safe, no matter the conditions.

Lekker X ebike

Your daily commute as your work out?

Kill two birds with one stone with the LEKKER Amsterdam Series. With an efficient riding position, lightweight frames and stylish design, you’ll be able to zip anywhere in style. If eBikes are more your style, channel your inner Zuse and race around at lightning speed on the E-Amsterdam. Get your heart rate up while conserving your energy. Speaking of conserving, your bank account will thank you when you purchase one of our E-Amsterdams with our 10% reservation discount.

Even if your commute is off-road, LEKKER has you covered.

Our brand new Outback eBike Series takes the best parts of the LEKKER X and beefs it up for all-terrain. Its premium mid-drive, compact design, and comfortable seating position make you a force to be reckoned with no matter the terrain or conditions.

Lekker Bikes Outback ebike

Accessories are a vital part of making your ride perfect.

Racks and straps can help you to keep your precious items secure during your commute. Keeping you free from backpacks and extra weight. Bike lights are a must, they help you see, but also help you be seen. With LightSKIN and Spanninga we offer a premium lighting solution for both our Dutch style bikes and commuter bikes. If you’re commuting to work, or don’t like the idea of cleaning your bike, fenders are pretty handy for the wetter months.

Pick your favorite LEKKER, customize and own it!

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