Lekker Bikes Amsterdam GT guide

The ultimate eBike buying guide

You want to treat yourself and the environment by buying a LEKKER eBike? Great, that’s the first step! Now the big questions are: What type of cyclist are you and what do you expect from your eBike? You’re looking in the right place - we have all the answers you need to help you find your perfect match to soon start cruising comfortably and in style. 

Premium features all of our electric bikes have in common:

  • Tektro disc brakes with hydraulic braking power 
  • 11.6AH Samsung Cell battery that can be upgraded to a 14.5AH battery
    • 11.6AH battery charges in under 4.5h and reaches a range of up to 70km
    • 14.5AH battery charges in about 5h and reaches up to 90km
  • Variety of accessories/features to be upgraded with (e.g. lights, locks, racks, drive systems etc.)

Now to finding YOUR eBike... 

The powerful streamline commuter

Are you looking for a daily use commuter eBike to rely on over long distances? One that takes you to your destination quickly and stress-free? The E-Amsterdam is your go-to! It has a functional but elegant design and makes even long commutes enjoyable. Equipped with WTB all-terrain tires and the Spanninga front and rear integrated LED light set, the E-Amsterdam is ready to conquer any type of environment and weather with you. Additionally, its premium features include a fully integrated Shimano Nexus 8 Speed hub and our newest Bafang 250W mid-engine.

Lekker Bikes black E-Amsterdam mid-motor ebike

The E-Amsterdam has a torque sensor that automatically calculates the level of pedal assistance needed, and can tackle climbs with gradients of up to 25% effortlessly. The combination of these high quality components creates the perfect balance between power and control. It enables speed, fast switching between gears, but enough safety and quick reaction. With this eBike you will not only be prepared for rush hours in Melbourne and Sydney, but also for the occasional kangaroo you may encounter on Australian roads. Moreover, the E-Amsterdam can be upgraded with the Gates Belt Drive System for low maintenance and silent riding as well as the 14.5AH battery for extra range. Ever running low on battery? No worries, even without the engines support this eBike is easy to ride due to its lightweight aluminum frame. The E-Amsterdam is the perfect urban proof eBike that lets you ride stress-free and smooth with smart power control on your daily commute.

The dutch style urban commuter

The E-Jordaan embodies the epitome of our Dutch heritage combined with the innovative premium features of our eBike series. Available in men’s and women’s versions, this eBike is your reliable and robust companion on commutes in and around the city. Anti-puncture CST fat tires, the Shimano Nexus 3 speed gearing hub, and a pedal assist system with 5 levels of power assistance provide strong support wherever you go. 

Lekker Bikes Jordaan ebikes electric bikes  

With double hand brakes, an up-right seating position and a comfortable saddle, you’ll ride smoothly and effortlessly while looking absolutely chic on your Dutch-style eCruiser. The E-Jordaan is almost 100% maintenance free, rust proof and already includes the 14.5AH battery for that extra wide range. Want to ride comfortably and effortlessly with an urban commuter in a traditional Dutch design? The E-Jordaan is your best option! 


The trendy city cruiser

The LEKKER X is a great choice for bike enthusiasts who ride in the city and suburbs or are looking for an eBike for more casual use and commutes of moderate distance. Are you planning a relaxed stroll to the beach or mall, a trip to the grocery store or a ride to work? The up-right seating position, pedal assistance and Shimano Nexus 3 Speed hub will make your rides comfortable and enjoyable. 

  Lekker Bikes LEKKER X ebike in onyx black and celeste blue

The lightweight Bafang 250W front hub motor and puncture proof Kenda K-Wick tires make the X ideal for the city. The eCruiser is stripped of all excess making it very efficient and lightweight. With the option to upgrade it with accessories such as the integrated LED light system, it’s easy to adjust this electric bike to your personal liking. Available in the Celeste, Onyx or Onyx Gum editions, this eBike is a bold and trendy choice. 


The adventurer 

Your daily commute goes beyond paved city roads? You want to take your eBike on the occasional adventure on your days off? Then the Outback is your partner in crime! With its Kenda all-terrain fat tires you’ll climb up hills and soak up holes at complete ease. The combination of its fully integrated Shimano Nexus 8 Speed hub and the newest Bafang mid-engine make it incredibly powerful and reliable on all your trips. 

Lekker Bikes outback all terrain electric bike in Dune  

The Outback’s generous power output with maximum torque of more than 80 N.m. is powerful - but still silent - and well protected from grease and dirt. This eBike is very robust and it’s height can be adjusted to suit adventurers of 150-190cm. To ultimately enjoy the riding experience when exploring cities or vast landscapes, the Outback can be upgraded with the Gates Belt Drive system, a 14.5Ah battery and the integrated LED light system. With the Outback, you’ll have an e-Cruiser which perfectly equips you for the city as well as off-road adventures.

You think you found your match, but want to test the eBike before buying it? Schedule your free 24h test ride at one of our bike shops in Melbourne or Sydney. 

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