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Safety first – better conditions for cyclist and pedestrians in Melbourne’s CBD!

Melbourne is gearing up for cyclists

Some could say Victoria is the cycling state, with over 1 million people riding their bikes every single week. To help the streets and intersections to keep up with the growth, a $3.25 million package of cycling and pedestrian upgrades will be put in place in Melbourne’s CBD. The improvements are focused on road user visibility and separation. Aimed at allowing cyclists and cars to use the Melbourne roads with a larger amount of ease and safety.

An East-Melbourne intersection, Lansdowne and Albert Street, will be getting a $1.6 million cut of the upgrade fund. Specific cycling lanes will be placed across the entire junction with traffic islands separating cars and cyclists. The use of pedestrian and cyclist priority lights, help keep the CBD streets safer.

This intersection alone will help more than 650 cyclists a day and it’s only one of many in Melbourne getting a facelift. Ebikes are becoming much more popular. A common sight, in bike shops and Melbourne streets. It’s encouraging those wanting to ride more to get on a bike. This is why the project is so vital for the CBD, as it will allow for the higher demand of cyclists on the road.

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Swapping 4 for 2

Upgrades like these make Melbourne the best place to be more active, benefiting yourself and the environment. You’ll notice many Melbourne bike shops are focusing most of their stock on commuter bikes and electric bikes. If you’ve been contemplating swapping 4 wheels for 2, now is the best time! With roads becoming safer, and support from the cycling community becoming stronger, you’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t join the 125,000 people already commuting to work on a bicycle.

Make the change

Not sure where to start? At LEKKER our experienced Melbourne and Sydney teams will be able to help find the perfect bike for your commuting needs. From short rides just a few blocks down the road to 80km+ rides, our team will find the perfect bike for you, making every ride better than the last.

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