Ride through Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

Ride through Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

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LEKKER Bikes went on an adventure to find you the best biking spots. We're all about bringing you the perfect ride to explore Australia. Our LEKKER bikes are designed to add that extra flair to your cycling adventure. Join us on the roads and trails as we uncover what makes cycling with our premium Dutch bikes so special.

Explore Sydney's different cycling routes with these three unique options. The Bay Run, located in the west, offers a pleasant ride along Iron Cove with gorgeous bay views. The well-maintained trail suits riders of all levels, providing a peaceful cycling experience surrounded by the green goods of nature.

Heading north, Manly Beach unfolds as a coastal cycling delight. The trail along the coastline presents breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. Cyclists can enjoy the refreshing sea breeze and stunning ocean panoramas, experiencing more than just a beach – Manly offers a perfect blend of coastal charm and cycling excitement.
In the heart of Sydney lies Centennial Park, an urban oasis for cyclists. Surrounded by expansive green spaces, serene ponds, and well-kept gardens, the winding paths offer a relaxed cycling experience. Although it’s a very central location, Centennial Park provides a peaceful escape from the city hustle, making it an ideal spot for riders, whether seasoned or just starting out.
Centennial Park, Sydney
Explore Melbourne's coastal beauty down south on a bike ride starting at St Kilda Beach, next to the iconic Luna Park. Pedal along the coast, feeling the cool sea breeze and the fun atmosphere. Take a break at St Kilda Pier, closed now but set to reopen in 2024, where you might catch a glimpse of cute penguins if you’re lucky.

Head south and include Point Ormond Lookout to your ride. Though a bit uphill, the view of Melbourne's coastline from this hidden gem is truly rewarding, plus it’ll be no problem getting there with our eBikes. Pause, enjoy the scenery, and get some nice snaps before continuing your journey.

Continue to Elwood Beach for a relaxed seaside cycling experience. The easygoing path follows the coast, offering a calm ride with the comforting sound of waves and the salty air providing a peaceful setting.

Conclude your cycling adventure at Brighton Beach, renowned for its colorful bathing boxes. The beachfront, with eye-catching huts against the sandy setting, creates a classic and picture-worthy scene – a perfect end to your coastal exploration. Enjoy the view or go for a swim.
Brighton Beach, Melbourne
Hop on a cycling journey along the city of Brisbane. Start by the Brisbane River Loop, exploring key landmarks like Kangaroo Point, South Bank, New Farm Park. With flexibility in starting points and directions, this route is accessible for a wide range of cyclists looking for a delightful riverside adventure.

Discover nature on the Kedron Brook Bikeway, surrounded by greenery, as you cycle along the brook, through parks, and under the shade of trees for a refreshing break from the city – a perfect nature-filled cycling path. A favorite among Brisbane residents, this bikeway is well-connected, stretching from Nundah to Mitchelton. It provides a refreshing escape into green surroundings.

Take on the challenge of Mount Coot-tha Loop, offering panoramic city views and diverse trails that combine cityscapes with nature, providing a unique and thrilling cycling experience for all. With mountain biking tracks, it's an ideal choice for thrill-seekers - although we’d probably keep the LEKKER bikes off them. The city views from Mount Coot-tha add to the appeal of this diverse cycling adventure.

Mount Coot-tha Loop, Brisbane
Whether you prefer relaxing along the riverside, nature-filled paths, or gorgeous views, Brisbane provides varied cycling adventures. Grab your bike and enjoy exploring the city's diverse landscapes.

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