Lekker Bikes Amsterdam bicycle Simon cycles to work in Melbourne city

LEKKER x Simon

Simon is on the final stretch of finishing his law degree, he is working a full-time job and he balances that with quality family time. You’d wonder, how does this champion do it? Through cycling, of course! For Simon, riding bikes has always been a hobby for fitness and now is a way to enjoy valuable family time as well!

Based in Melbourne’s outer suburbs and being fortunate enough to be surrounded with lots of parks, walking trails and cycling paths, riding with the whole family has become an adventure that never seems to have a dull moment – “I am never happier than when I am clearing my head by going for a family bike ride with my wife and children.”

When the first lockdown hit Melbourne, Simon decided to start commuting to work: “I planned to start commuting by bike to stay fit, lower my carbon footprint and avoid the expenses of travelling by car or public transport. I started looking into urban commuter bikes and that is when I stumbled upon the Lekker Amsterdam M2.”

Conveniently, his 40th birthday was coming soon, and he received the most pleasant surprise from his family – the Amsterdam M2! He instantly fell in love with the simple sleek looks of this bike and it turns out he wasn’t the only one that thought this – “I regularly see people’s head turn as I ride by because there really is no other bike like this out there”.

Lekker Bikes Amsterdam M2 bike with gum wall tyres and pannier in Melbourne Australia park

On the occasional days that Simon physically heads into work, he would load up his bike with his paperwork and laptop, then cycle 13km to the office along nature trails and suburban roads. “I have absolutely loved having a Lekker Amsterdam. It’s the first bike I’ve had that is capable of being loaded up for commuting with heavy paperwork and textbooks. The bike handles carry extra weight really well and the bike maintains speed making it fun to ride.”

Being British by birth, Simon is pretty much immune to wet weather. He enjoys the liberation his bike has brought him no matter the forecast, so even on days when it’s a bit rainy, Simon would still be happy to take his bike out for a spin or pedal the strain away on a stressful day.

“Having a bike represents freedom to me. I love knowing that I can take time out from a stressful day, or a draining uni assignment, by jumping on my bike and pedalling the stress away.”

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