Lekker Bikes super mom Helen with child and ebike

LEKKER x Helen

Being a mum of two small children, the moments where I feel superhuman are as nonexistent as the ability to take a pee on my own. But superpowers can be found in the unlikeliest of places, and for me, it was in an Australian born, Dutch-designed eBike. 

I had never ridden an eBike before. In all honesty, I've always assumed it's a benchmark for mature folk being past their European cycling holiday prime, like Bridget who whizzed past my Mum on a Belgian hill once following a hip replacement. 'She's a cheat!', snapped my mother. But all judgement dissipated the day I met my Jordaan+ eBike.

Initially, I was drawn to the stylish sit-up style design, an acknowledgement of the traditional Dutch commuter bike. It's sturdy yet chic which seems like a contradiction, but somehow Lekker have achieved it. The frame looks robust and sturdy, but it is surprisingly lightweight thanks to rustproof aluminium. I had to ask where the battery was, completely missing the discreetly placed pack on the rear rack, which can be concealed even more with a waterproof basket or in my case, a kid. Also waterproof, just a bit more vocal when wet.

Lekker Bikes Helen Jordaan electric bike babyseat

The Jordaan+ is uncomplicated and ready to go which for me is part of the appeal. No tricky decisions about add ons or customisations. The eBike comes with fitted front and rear racks, the latter ready to take a child seat and both are primed for Lekker's premium rattan basket. The baskets can carry up to 5kg, perfect for trips to the shops, to work, or to give a Chihuahua some cheap thrills. Here's where a simple girl like me gets really excited. From experience, any weight on the front or back of a bike makes for a challenging balance situation when stationary. The handlebars swing to one side, and everything comes crashing down. Dog. Child. Pride. But not anymore. The Jordaan+ comes fitted with a Shimano steering lock preventing the wheel from turning and furthermore the ensuing emotional breakdown.

Lekker Bikes blue Jordaan range electric bike with child seat

During my test ride, having just heard a story of a customer who, underestimating the power of Lekker's eBike range, misjudged her exit from the warehouse and accelerated through a row of spanking new bikes, I opted to wheel my Jordaan+ outside before take off. And I'm grateful for my cautiousness as I was utterly taken aback when the front motor propelled me forward as I started to pedal. It was a rush, a real child-like elation that forced me to grin from ear to ear as I took off down the street on my maiden voyage. I feel the same excitement every single time I ride. Zooming past traffic with such ease. I Feel - Superhuman.

It's such a feeling of freedom, travelling at 25 km/h out in nature, fresh air swirling all around you and thanks to the most comfortable cruiser saddle, without having to wear lycra pants that feel like an extra butt. Often travelling with a child on the back, I'm grateful for safety features such as the motor cutting out when I hit the brakes and the rear brake light activating. Pedalling feels almost effortless on the flat, sliding through the 5 levels of power with a simple press of my thumb, and with only three gears, I don't feel overwhelmed, I just click into what feels right.

Lekker Bikes Jordaan e-bike mother and kid child seat with basket

Any opportunity I will choose my Jordaan+ eBike over a conventional bike or car. Journeys where I would typically have opted to use the car due to a mountain (okay, a hill), not wanting to 'glisten' through my t-shirt or it simply being too far are no longer an issue. The battery covers me for 70 km to 140 km depending on what speed I am zipping around at, and it takes 5 hours to charge at home from flat. Even if I forget to charge and the battery runs out, I simply cycle as if it's a regular bike without superpowers, just feeling less like  Wonderwoman more like The Blimp.

I love my Jordaan+. It looks fantastic, it feels incredible, and it gives me superpowers.

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