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Lekker’s Class of 2018

Here at LEKKER Bikes, we are proud to witness all the things we’ve managed to accomplish over the last few years. 2017 did not only mark a period of growth and development, it was also a time during which we were able to carry out a lot of different projects that were very important to us. This includes starting 2018 with new additions to the LEKKER Bikes collection and attaining one of our main goals for this new year: offering a wider variety of options regarding vintage bikes, but also cruiser bikes and commuter bikes.

This cycling revolution is ever-growing, which was more than evident in 2017, a year that welcomed new bicycle infrastructures and facilities in both Melbourne and Sydney. These days it’s ever so vital you make sure to choose a bike that suits not only your needs but also the type of terrain you’ll be exploring whilst on it. Here at LEKKER Bikes, we understand that it’s not always easy to find a bike that’s right for you. So we came up with the idea of making a buying guide for LEKKER's 2018 collection, it helps you find your way through our extensive range of products and gives you advice on what bicycle would suit you the best. So take a seat and pay close attention, because the Lekker’s Class of 2018 is about to begin!

Lekker Bikes Jordaan three speed bicycle womens in black

The Jordaan

What it is: A cruiser bike with oversize tires and a very soft saddle, designed to turn every ride into a very smooth and comfortable one, regardless of the cycling terrain. The Jordaan’s frame, chain guard and rack are made from lightweight but strong rust-free aluminium, increasing manoeuvrability. This model comes with a front and rear light, ergonomic grips, front rack and a rear carrier to secure your belongings. The Jordaan model is more than just your average traditional bike: it comes with a 7-speed gear hub, which evolves your cruiser bike and gives you the option to go way faster with less effort.

For who: People looking for a stylish, yet comfortable mode of personal transport. Whether you wanna go shopping for some groceries or share a weekend ride with your mini-me in the back seat. Our Jordaan is the perfect fit for anyone manoeuvring through the city and its surroundings, whilst also enjoying a greater speed capacity than most cruiser bikes.

Lekker Bikes LED lights in seat post of cycle

The Sportief

What it is: A vintage-style 3-speed bike with deluxe features. Following the iconic Dutch design, the Sportief is a rust-free, 13kg aluminum bike designed to ensure great durability. High quality materials such as its luxurious saddle and grips ensure a smooth and safe ride, which makes it even more enjoyable. This bicycle is equipped with a robust and compact front carrier rack, your best friend when it comes to carrying your belongings around, whilst keeping them safe and secure. The carrier blends in with the retro style the Sportief has going on, whilst also offering functionality for your everyday rides.

For who: The Sportief is a great fit for bike enthusiasts who want to acquire a practical and modern bike that still sports the features of a retro Dutch model. The Sportief goes the distance and is a good option if you’re looking for a lighter model to easily manoeuvre around town. The Sportief is a fun and unforgettable ride, which gets you from A to B safely in utmost style!

Lekker Bikes Amsterdam range bicycle with LED lights in seat post

The Amsterdam Series

What it is: The LEKKER Amsterdam Collection is our commuter-style series. Designed for the urban jungle, the Amsterdam models are lighter, stronger, and more practical than any other urban commuter bicycle around. The Amsterdam range provides more efficient pedaling, as well as a lower handlebar height ideal for speedier rides.

Our Amsterdam collection includes two series: The Amsterdam Standard Series and The Amsterdam Elite Series.

The Amsterdam Standard Series combines performance, comfort, and a striking design. It features a premium quality, fully integrated gear hub with grip shifter and Tektro braking system. The gear hub offers a comfortable gearing ratio, making it the perfect fit for longer rides and commutes. It’s 100% rust-free aluminium frame, comes with a chain drive and double sealed bottom bracket, can be equipped with either a Nexus 3-speed or 7-speed integrated hub, offering you a premium ride!

The Amsterdam Elite Series is the premium model of the Amsterdam collection and has been designed for serious daily commuting. It combines a sleek minimalistic design, a lightweight aluminium frame, and high quality components. The Elite features improved frame geometrics, a new wider handlebar setup and Shimano Hydraulic disc brakes that increase the braking power and the performance of the bike. Different gears [Shimano 3 or 8 Speed integrated hub] and drive trains [Chain drive or Gates Belt Drive] are available, giving you the opportunity to design your ultimate urban commuter bike yourself.

In addition to the Amsterdam Elite Series, there’s the new model called Amsterdam Elite NuVinci. This bicycle can be seen as the crème de la crème, built to be practically maintenance free. This model features the NuVinci N330 hub which is one of a kind, one can effortlessly change the gear ratio in one continuous motion whilst riding. The NuVinci is also equipped with the Gates Drive Belt, composed of stretch free carbon fiber cords providing flexibility, durability, and robustness. As part of the Elite Series, it comes with premium quality Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brakes which offer superior braking performance and ThickSlick tires, they’re built to have twice the protection of a standard rubber casing tire.

For who: The choice of model and gearing will depend on the type of terrain you’ll be riding. The 3-speed model is great if you’re looking for a simpler system with which you can ride through the city, whilst the 7-speed model offers more gearing capacity and is ideal for a slightly hillier terrain like Sydney. Meanwhile, the NuVinci is perfect for people looking for a supreme cycling experience, combining gear shifting simplicity and nearly no maintenance. It’s the right choice whether you want to commute daily or explore wilder paths.

Both Amsterdam series has been designed for daily commuters seeking practicality, durability, and a greater speed capacity. The sporty race style of our Amsterdam models is a great fit if you tend to explore harsher and uneven roads. Its lightweight aluminium body also allows people to cover more ground faster, additionally one can carry it around with ease (extra bonus).

Lekker Bikes Jordaan womens ebike 1st Generation in blue

The E-Jordaan

What it is: Our ebike is a combination of technology, functionality, and style: we’ve basically kept the best elements from our Jordaan model, and turned it into something even better with the help of new high quality components. The Lekker Electric Jordaan is fast and comfortable, but also durable seeing as it can carry heavy loads effortlessly. Thanks to the addition of a front and rear rack, there’s lots of space to carry your belongings. Its upright riding position ensures premium comfort, the frames made out of aluminium making it lightweight and also rust-free. It features a 15h battery that can be easily removed for charging. It also includes a Shimano steering lock, premium LED lights and a double kickstand combined with wider road tyres, in other words, the perfect ride for any kind of getaway. To sum up, the E-Jordaan is a simple yet very functional bike that will cruise you around and will stop at nothing. You can climb hills, embrace the wind and enjoy long distance rides without so much as a worry!

For who: The E-Jordaan is the perfect bike for people who’re looking for a good alternative to driving a car, and riding a bike in an utmost relaxed manner. You ride it like you would any conventional bike, but you get the joy of a little electric help from your friend moving forward when the going gets a little tough, making your everyday commute around Australia cities way easier.

Mom with blue Jordaan bicycle and children's balance bike for kid

The Balance Bike

What it is: The Lekker Balance Bike is equipped with thick wheels, a soft saddle, and grips. It’s the perfect fit for every toddler: it has a 12” frame size, a lightweight aluminium body and weighs a mere 3.25kg. The seat post’s adjustable between 40cm and 50cm, and the bike comes in 5 different popping colours. All these features turn the experience of teaching your small ones how to ride a bike a rewarding and positive one, as it should be.

For who: The Balance Bike is ideal for children between the ages of 2 – 5 years old and is their trusted companion until their very first ride (with pedals). It’s been designed to help children find their strength and develop their balance skills so that moving onto a more regular pedal bike is easy. It gives your child that priceless feeling of independence, it increases their confidence, evolves their skills and benefits their health, what more would you want?

The team at Lekker Bikes hopes this buying guide has helped you understand the specifications of our bikes and all the different options. For more information, you can give us a call or contact us on the live chat, where you’ll be guaranteed a quick reply. All Lekker bikes are available for a test ride, feel free to drop by one of our stores to try them out, or even get some advice on which size would fit you best!

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