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Jordaan 3-Speed vs Jordaan eBike

The Jordaan range comprises LEKKER’s prototypical classic Dutch transportation bicycles. Aesthetically, it embodies the traditional Dutch Omafiets design. The scooped frame (ladies’ only) and vintage colouring takes you straight to cycling in the Dutch countryside.

LEKKER’s Jordaan bikes are modern-styled commuter bikes, with function as well as comfort as the central elements that define its role within the LEKKER range. The bikes have premium features from the very best component manufacturers. These bikes are designed to appeal to all, from the traditional rider to the tech-savvy commuter.

The 3-Speed

The Jordaan 3-Speed is made for the everyday cyclist. 3 gears mean it’s rideable, straight out of the box. It’s perfect for flatter terrains and city commutes; giving you the smooth, comfortable ride that LEKKER bikes are known for. 

The Jordaan Series features a lightweight, yet robust, aluminium frame that’s 100% maintenance-free and rustproof. The durable powder coat finish keeps the Jordaan Men’s 3-Speed looking as good as new, no matter where you decide to ride it. The frame offers an upright riding position, keeping your eyes on the road at all times. And on the Women's Jordaan 3-Speed, a scooped frame offers a nod back to traditional Dutch bicycles.

To the rear of the bike, there’s a Shimano roller brake ensuring a quick and safe stop without any risk of skidding. Double hand brakes, and CST cruiser tyres make for the most comfortable ride you’ve ever experienced. And on top of that, the safety conscious among you can feel secure and confident when you’re out and about.

Designed for the everyday rider, the Jordaan Series is designed for daily use. There’s a Shimano Headset lock and a built-in kickstand to keep you level as you unload. The colour matching front carrier has been designed to take almost anything you want with you. Just simply fit a wooden crate, fancy wicker basket or bungees to use its full potential. And get another 25kg carrier capacity with the aluminium rear carrier, with a striking red bungee set included as standard.

The eBikes

LEKKER take things up a notch with their Jordaan ebikes. Available in a variety of vintage-inspired finishes and designed in both womens’ and mens’ models, the Jordaan+ and Jordaan GT bikes are Dutch design reloaded. This is a vintage bike with all the mod cons you could ever hope for.

Adding a motor to the Jordaan model means you can take this classic ride further than ever. From your everyday commute to a weekend adventure, the Jordaan+ and Jordaan GT models will take you wherever you need to go.


Like the rest of the Jordaan range, the Jordaan+ women’s eBike is a prototypical Dutch transportation bike - with a few modern touches. Remember, every aspect of a LEKKER bike is there for a reason; gimmicks and gadgets don’t feature on the rosta here. 

The Jordaan+ combines all the features of the traditional Jordaan bike with contemporary eBike technology. With a Bafang H400 front motor and 5 levels of motor support, the LEKKER Jordaan+ eBike gives you that extra boost to take your journeys to the next level. The bike features a range of up to 90km, and the battery itself is removable so you can charge your battery wherever you are.

And in typical LEKKER style, the frame is lightweight aluminium meaning you can take over with ease, even when your battery runs low. Hydraulic brakes and CST City Cruiser tyres offer a smooth, comfortable ride, and racks to the front and back mean carrying groceries won’t be an issue.

Jordaan GT

At the top of the Jordaan range sits the Jordaan GT. Perfect for both male and female riders, it takes every element that makes the rest of the Jordaan series great, and adds a whole load of extra oomph. The Jordaan GT is the pinnacle of eBike engineering. This is LEKKER’s crowning glory.

Featuring a compact, silent Bafang M420 mid-drive motor, the LEKKER Jordaan GT boats 80Nm of torque alongside sensitive controls and stepless gearing from Enviolo. This bike couldn’t be easier to ride; the motor is lightweight and its lack of noise pollution means no distractions when you’re on the road. The Enviolo CT N330 stepless gearing means you can change gears quickly and easily - whether you’re cruising round town or at a standstill. It’s a masterclass in chic, safety-led design.

The LEKKER Jordaan GT takes the Jordaan+ model up a notch. Yes, both feature a motor, removable battery, and all the core elements that make up a LEKKER bike - the aluminium frame, hydraulic brakes, front and rear racks, and LED dashboard - but the Jordaan GT adds an extra push with state-of-the-art technology and eBike engineering.

The Gates Belt Drive removes the hassle of traditional bike chains; it’s maintenance free, with no risk of snapping. The motor will keep you propelling round the city streets - or on country roads - no matter how tired you are. You’re safe in the knowledge that the LEKKER Jordaan GT will get you from A to B.

This is the very best eBike money can buy. It will last you a lifetime, and take you wherever you need to go. If you want one bike that does it all, the LEKKER Jordaan GT is the one for you.

A little bit about LEKKER

Amsterdam-based LEKKER was originally founded in 2009 with a lofty goal in mind - to revolutionise the modern commute. Taking a Dutch classic and adding the latest in cycling technology, the LEKKER range is a masterclass in engineering. 

When founder Meindert swapped the streets of Amsterdam for Australia’s Bondi Beach, he quickly realised that there was something missing from this idyllic new lifestyle in the sun: his beautiful Dutch bicycle. And so, LEKKER as we know it was born.

Now sold across Australia, Europe, and the US, LEKKER bikes have been adopted by commuters and casual riders alike, from all walks of life - all coming together to enjoy the wonder of travel on two wheels.

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