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How do eBikes work?

We are all about eBikes! It gets you out of traffic and brings you anywhere at any time, just like a conventional bike would. However, an eBike is faster, due to its motor, and, most importantly, needs muss less bike maintenance than a conventional bike. But how does an eBike actually work? Let’s find out.

The technicalities simplified

Let’s take a look at the system used for eBikes and make sense of it. The most important point is that your electric bike has three extra components that make it much more powerful than a classic bike. These are the battery, the eBike motor, and the electric sensor.

The battery is what saves you when facing a steep hill. Having it on will ensure you the power you need to pedal smoothly and spare you the sweat from a traditional bike. Depending on your choice of battery, a single charge allows you to ride for more than 100 kilometres with assistance. But don’t worry, you can still use your bike as a conventional one in case you run out of battery. Another solution is to have a spare battery in case you own a 418 Wh or lower range battery.

LEKKER Bikes only uses the best components out there. A quick example? Your eBike is fitted with a Bafang motor. This motor can be found on different parts of your eBike:
On the front wheel: This is called a front motor and the Jordaan+ is fitted with one of these.
On the back wheel: This type is called a rear motor and can be found on our Amsterdam+.
In the middle of the eBike: When the motor is situated in the middle of your eBike, usually in between the pedals, this is called a mid-drive motor. You can find it on the Amsterdam GT.
It is important to bear in mind that the first two types of Bafang motors have different names but they use the same technologies. These Bafang motors are quite resistant and do not need much maintenance, meaning that they are perfect for commuters as they are made simple and reliable for daily usage. On the other hand, mid-drive motors are more complex but also give more power to your eBike and are consequently best suited for powerful eBikes that are used off-road.

The last major component is the electric sensor. You probably won’t notice this part on your electric bike as it is relatively small. It is simply placed in the rear wheel or in the pedals and detects when you start pedalling: it serves as the messenger to the motor on all of our eBikes. The electric sensor detects when you need assistance and sends a message to the battery. The battery then discharges energy to the Bafang motor instantly. The Amsterdam GT has additional rotational sensors which detect how hard you are pedalling and inform the Bafang motor about it.

The gearings: the Enviolo Hub, Single Speed eBikes, and regular (Shimano Nexus) gearing hubs

Your electric bike may have a different type of hub than the one your colleague or friend has, and that is totally normal! In this section, you will find the main differences and advantages of all three hubs. Having a single-speed is pretty straightforward, you can find this on fixie bikes. With only one speed on your eBike, you won’t have to think twice while commuting around the city. You simply ride freely while the bike adapts to your pace. The more power you put in the pedals, the lower the motor assistance will be (and vice versa). This means that the difficulty of pedalling barely changes.
A 3 Speed electric bike like the Jordaan+, which makes use of the Shimano Nexus 3 Speed gearing hub, allows you to ride in more diverse environments. While the first speed makes it easier to climb up hills, the third one allows you to go way faster on flat or downward sloping terrains.
The Enviolo Gearing Hub guarantees the same power as an 11-speed gearing hub. The added plus of the Enviolo is its 310% ratio, offering continuous and stepless control over the speeds. With this system, you are fully in charge of how much energy you want to put in the pedalling and do so by shifting the continuous hub. This stepless shifting is the only hub allowing you to change gears while pedalling or at a standstill.

What about an eBike with a Gates Carbon Drive?

The Gates Carbon Drive System can be used on both an electric bike and a traditional bike. Having a belt drive bike makes your ride smoother and removes the noise of the traditional chain. The carbon belt is also made out of a single piece, which as you can imagine, requires way less bike maintenance from your side than the 116 pieces used in chains. The simplicity of a belt drive bike also allows you to ride faster as no energy is being lost in the rotation of the numerous parts from a traditional chain. We’ve considered every detail to make your ride smoother. The Gates Carbon Drive technology is part of providing an effortless feeling, that is why we have decided to use this technology in our single-speed and Enviolo NuVinci eBikes.

All in all, an electronic bike is not so different from a conventional bike. It is simply way more powerful! Understanding its electrical components will help you get the best use out of it. It gives you the freedom you need to commute anywhere you would by car, while doing something good for the environment. Unlike your traditional bike, you can go much faster, much further, and without a drop of sweat. So, enjoy and ride safely!

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