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Great news for Melbourne’s bike enthusiasts!

The City of Melbourne – known for its urban creativity and endless entertainment – no wonder why the streets are so full of life. But as the population of Melbourne continues to grow, the challenge of managing the movement in and around the city becomes of greater importance. And one solution councils are relying on is encouraging people to ride commuter bikes and improving cycling infrastructure to reduce heavy traffic.

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Car(e)free rides Like recently, the Moreland Council has approved a trail closure for John Street, Brunswick East. The main purpose of this project is to determine if this is an acceptable method of protecting these local streets from cut through traffic and thus improve pedestrian and cycling movements along this street. Which is great news for us cyclists!

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Furthermore, they have currently approved the bike lane trail on Sydney Road, Brunswick. If you didn’t already know, Sydney Road is the longest shopping strip in the southern hemisphere. By redesigning the roads to include separate bicycle lanes, the council is ensuring safer roads and the need for behaviour change and mode shift of people to drive less and use sustainable transport. The need to create the shopping strip as a vibrant and pleasant space for pedestrians, cyclists and people to visit and conduct their business. Better on a LEKKER What better time to take advantage of these new developments in your area by checking out our commuter bikes. We recommend the Amsterdam Nuvinci bikes because of its versatility in gear shifting and performance. Or if you are keen to test out the latest E-bike models, come into our Melbourne Bike Shop and book a test ride!

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