Discover the Amsterdam 8-Speed

Discover the Amsterdam 8-Speed

A LEKKER bike is made to be ridden. That’s why the LEKKER ethos is all about love at first ride. These bicycles are impossible to resist. The whole range is built on a foundation of classic Dutch design, quality engineering, and longevity. It’s a bike that’s not only a pleasure to ride, but will last you a lifetime.

From traditional geared bikes, to state-of-the-art eBikes, the LEKKER range has something for everyone. And if you’re looking for a bike to get you to work every day, no questions asked, you’ve come to the right place.

Introducing the commuter bike made for everyone: the LEKKER Amsterdam 8-Speed

Minimalist design, maximum impact

Like all LEKKER bikes, the Amsterdam 8-Speed has been designed in Amsterdam with Dutch design at its heart. This particular bike has been tailored to the streets of Australia and the US, whilst keeping those core Dutch features. Staying true to the classic composer model, the LEKKER Amsterdam is crafted from a lightweight aluminium frame (just 12kg!) with two sleek powder coat paint options. The powder coating is durable, keeping your frame rust-free and looking brand-new - and it’s even available in three sizes, so whether you’re 160cm or 185cm, there’s an Amsterdam 8-Speed for you.

The Amsterdam 8-Speed is modern, without compromising on the things that make LEKKER bikes so recognisable. Like the rest of the LEKKER range, the Amsterdam 8-Speed isn’t fussy; its design is minimalistic, but packs an undeniable punch with a range of premium features and a focus on easy operation.

A low maintenance ride

Commuter bikes need to be reliable, durable, and stand up to everyday use. That’s why the LEKKER Amsterdam 8-Speed has been designed to be maintenance-free. From the 100% aluminium frame and forks, to the use of a belt drive instead of a standard chain - with the LEKKER range, the focus is on quality design and modern features which remove the need for an engineering degree just to get to work. 

At the core of the bike is the Carbon Belt Drive Technology from Gates CDX. Standard geared bicycles usually rely on a chain for propulsion - which requires greasing and carries the risk of snapping. The LEKKER Amsterdam 8-Speed swaps the generic for the innovative, utilising a belt drive in lieu of a chain; giving you a bike that’s low maintenance, more durable, and smoother to ride. 

Next up is the Shimano Nexus 8-Speed Internal Gear Hub. Yes, it’s a bit of a mouthful but it’s one of the things that make a LEKKER bike so enjoyable to ride. No matter the weather, you can ride smoothly and safely, knowing the gear hub is protected with its heavy-duty casing - another way LEKKER helps you cut down on maintenance, keeping you moving. 

Designed to be ridden

There’s a lot to be said for the safety features of the LEKKER Amsterdam 8-Speed. This is a bike that will give you peace of mind, without having to compromise on aesthetics. At the heart of any Dutch bike is the belief that these bicycles are made to be ridden every day - the safety features are just as important as the way the bike looks. 

Keeping true to the Dutch composer model, the Amsterdam 8-Speed features an upright seating position - something you’ll find on all LEKKER bikes. It’s the ideal position for commuters, keeping your eyes on the road at all times for a safer ride. The WTB premium bike tyres are high volume, and designed with a herringbone pattern and parallel grooves; this gives you incredible traction, even on rough terrains. 

The Amsterdam 8-Speed comes with hydraulic brakes, giving you more control when stopping on rough roads or wet streets. This is an all-weather model. April showers and winter snow storms are no match for the LEKKER Amsterdam 8-Speed. Fenders also come as standard on this model - making it truly city-ready. 

A little bit about LEKKER

Amsterdam-based LEKKER was originally founded in 2009 with a lofty goal in mind - to revolutionise the modern commute. Taking a Dutch classic and adding the latest in cycling technology, the LEKKER range is a masterclass in engineering. 

When founder Meindert swapped the streets of Amsterdam for Australia’s Bondi Beach, he quickly realised that there was something missing from this idyllic new lifestyle in the sun: his beautiful Dutch bicycle. And so, LEKKER as we know it was born.

Now sold across Australia, Europe, and the US, LEKKER bikes have been adopted by commuters and casual riders alike, from all walks of life - all coming together to enjoy the wonder of travel on two wheels.

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