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Commuter Bikes – Gates Carbon Drive System

Here at Lekker, we produce a range of bikes suited to a range of different riding styles. Whether you are looking for a zippy commuter bike to get you to and from the office each morning or an eBike that gives you the power to bike wherever you like – Lekker Bikes has wheels to suit your style and your needs. What these bikes have in common is that they are both fitted with the ‘Gates Carbon Drive’ system which replaces the well-known classical bike chain. Having a belt drive bike comes with many advantages. Essentially, it’s a belt drive that replaces the chain, and in doing so, provides a range of advantages over it. You might be asking yourself what these are, and why the classic bike chain needs an upgrade? In this post, we’ll be covering all of this and more. And, if you are an owner of a LEKKER bike with a Gates Carbon Drive, it might be of interest to explore this new riding technology.


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Gates Carbon Drive System – Overview

The Gates Carbon Drive system is a polyurethane belt drive, a modern upgrade and replacement to a bike chain. It’s been developed by Gates Corporation – an engineering leader who creates long-lasting and high-performance power transmission belts – operating out of Denver Colorado, USA. They’ve been in operation since 1911, and are a global leader in belt-drive technologies, having worked within the motorcycling and manufacturing industries. They’ve been offering their drivetrain expertise to the automotive, industrial, and, engine-powered worlds, and now to further push the ever-expanding bicycle market. Today, their product – the Gates Carbon Drive system, is known as the best high-mileage bicycle drive on the market. However, we don’t ask you to just take theirs or even our word for it. It’s been put to the test by the Denver Boulder Bicycle Couriers – to do nothing but give the product, the ultimate test. The feedback was nothing short of “wow!”. So, you might be wondering how exactly this might improve my ride? Well – let’s get to the specifics of the belt itself, and, the advantages it might offer you and your ride.


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Gates Carbon Drive System – Advantages

The belt drive is composed of a weather-resistant polyurethane exterior and features nine, strong, stretch-free, carbon fibre tensile cords along with an engineered polymer body. This all makes it suitable for many different styles of riding – from urban commuting, rugged mountain riding, to e-biking and casual riding. The elimination of a carbon or steel chain means that there’s absolutely no rust, oil or even grease in the system. Instead, it’s a far simpler, cleaner, lighter, stronger and smoother system. A belt drive bike is said to last longer than a bike with a regular chain too, requiring no greasing, as well as nearly being fully maintenance-free. All of this together, providing you with an extremely reliable system that will last long too. So, which bikes within the LEKKER range, can the Gates Carbon Drive system be added to? Well, let’s find out.


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Which LEKKER model comes standard fitted with the Gates Carbon Drive system?

From our whole range, several bicycles are already fitted with the Gates Carbon Drive, like the eBikes from the Amsterdam range. The Amsterdam+ as well as the Amsterdam GT, are carbon belt bikes. If you’re the owner of one of these rides and you’re interested in finding out more about the Gates Carbon Drive system and how it might improve your riding experience, then we invite you to get in touch – by popping into either one of our stores, or simply through our website or by giving us a phone call. We’d be more than happy to chat about some of our upgrading options to a belt drive bike.


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Whether you’re in search of a whole new ride, or simply some premium accessories to dress up your existing one, LEKKER Bikes have a wide range of products to suit a range of two-wheeled needs. If you’re currently riding one of our belt drive bikes, or, have your eye on one, then we invite you to consider the Gates Carbon Drive system. As mentioned above, it might be just the thing you’re after: a belt drive bike providing you with a system that is rust-free, as well as more durable, cleaner, simpler, lighter and stronger than the classic steel or carbon chain systems.

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