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Benefits of cycling

As a bike brand we promote a healthier lifestyle and environmental awareness with our products and strive to spread the joy of cycling worldwide. Riding a bike comes with a great range of benefits for the mental and physical well-being, the environment and your wallet. We want to share these with our LEKKER community and everyone who is ready to start riding a bike. Hopefully we can inspire more and more people to discover their love for cycling! 

Mental well-being

Fresh air: We spend so much time inside our offices, homes, gyms, restaurants, you name it. Getting our daily dose of fresh air simply makes us feel better and healthier. What about you?

Less stress: Imagine how good it will feel to not be stuck in traffic during rush hour and to skip the endless search for a parking spot in the city. Sounds like a lot less stress right from the start of the day!

Energy: We don’t know about you, but for us, besides being less stressed, starting the day by biking to work gives us that energy boost we just needed to dive into a productive day.

Clear mind: Sometimes we just want to escape our busy day-to-day schedules and take a moment for ourselves. For some that might only be a few minutes, for others hours. That can be a quick ride to the beach or your favorite park, but might also be a day trip to the countryside or a forest. Hopping on your bike and embracing nature, while moving your body can help with getting that clear mind we needed to get back to giving 100% at whatever it is we’re doing.

Physical health

Body: Regular cycling increases your muscle strength and improves your flexibility and posture. It also improves your cardiovascular fitness, trains your lung muscles, ventilates the respiratory system and improves blood circulation.

Chronic disease:  Cycling is often recommended as an option of physical activity for patients with lung diseases and diabetes, as the bike carries your bodyweight and thus exercises your lung muscles more evenly and effectively, other than running and other sports (always consult your doctor first if this is an option for you).

Prevention: As we have learned recently, bacteria spreads rapidly in public places. In times when social distancing is required, cycling is one of your safest options for getting around. On your bike you're automatically staying more distant to other people in public and don't come in contact with as many surfaces that could contain bacteria.

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Reducing your carbon footprint: It is not always easy to change habits that you’ve been practicing for a long time. We get it and we don’t blame you! Switching from driving your car to riding a bike everyday sounds like a rather big change and it is. However, the environment will thank you and your body as well.

There are many different options to choose from, when you're looking for your ride: the conventional city bike, commuter bike, city-proof eBike, all-terrain eBike. There’s a bike for everyones’ needs and even if you’re not yet willing to give up the car entirely, start with let’s call it part-time cycling. Every now and then to work, to go on trips with your kids - they’ll love it we promise - or to visit your friends. Once you’ve found your perfect match, you might even want to start commuting longer distances, eBikes surely make that very comfortable. Just play with the idea, try it out and think of how much it will reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the CO2 released into the air by your car, creating less traffic in the streets, using less gas and every other aspect connected to it.


Yes, buying a bike costs money. A little more so, if it’s a high quality one, but put it into perspective. A high quality bike will last for years and you will save money on gas, parking, insurance and maintenance of your car. If you do not have a car, you will save money on public transport tickets and cabs. Everyone’s expenses are different, but why don't you try calculating your average spend on transportation to see how much you would save if you started cycling? Don’t you think it will be worth it? And keep in mind the added value for your health and the environment, which money can't buy. Sounds unbeatable to us! ;)

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Beyond that, you will be looking absolutely fabulous on your LEKKER bike and you'll become a role model for others in regards of responsible transportation! Enough said? Feel inspired to get out and start riding? Keep an eye on our blog page where we will publish our new LEKKER Journal series twice a month with the best bike routes in cities all over the world.

Haven't found the ride of your dreams yet? But you are ready to upgrade your life with a LEKKER bike? You can contact us, visit our brand stores or check out our blog page for articles about our entire bike ranges, if you need help finding your partner in crime!

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