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Accessories: The Essential Checklist for your Lekker Bike

Here at Lekker Bikes, we have a wide range of accessories to suit all of your biking needs. Whether you’re riding every day, or more of a casual, weekend cyclist, our range of accessories can provide you with that extra level of comfort and ease that you’re looking for.

Whether you’re riding one of our more vintage styled bikes such as the Men’s and Women’s Jordaan or Sportief, or one of our more sleek Commuter Bikes such as our Amsterdam Elite, the Lekker accessories range is perfectly suited to the whole Lekker range, designed to increase both comfort and ease whilst on the move.

The Lekker Accessories Range includes Premium Bike Saddles, Grips, Handle Bars, Wicker Baskets, as well as Bike Lights. All Lekker Bikes come with the option to add accessories at any time. Whether it be at the time of purchase or later down the track, our wide range of accessories deliver not only high quality, but also an unparalleled sense of riding comfort, to not only improve your experience on your Lekker Bike, but that is also directly tailored to your specific riding needs.

Bike Saddles

Our Lekker Premium Vintage Bike Saddles come in a range of different colours and styles, offering different levels of comfort through the use different materials, sizes, and shapes. The range consists of leather and vinyl saddles, covering cruising, commuting as well as sports commuting. All of our saddles are completely waterproof, making them ideal for riding in all types of conditions, whether it be in rain, hail, or shine. The most suitable option for you, will depend on the style of bike you’re riding, as well as the type of terrain you’ll be riding on.

For all of our Cruiser Style bikes, we have our cruiser series. Likewise, for our Commuter Style Bikes, we have our Commuter Series. Both series offer leather and vinyl finishes. The Leather finish presents a sleeker, more classic design suitable for those shorter cruises and commutes, whereas our vinyl finish presents a more plush, soft design; handy for those longer trail rides.

Lekker Bikes leather saddle


Our Lekker Premium Vintage Grips Range consists also of both vinyl and leather styled grips. Firstly, our vinyl grips present a sleek, ergonomic design for optimal comfort. The curved, sloping shape presents a natural hand position, helping to relieve hand and wrist pressure and further increase riding comfort. They are weatherproof, and available in two different colour options, brown as well as cream. Our vinyl grips range is made up of one short, and one long grip, ideally suited to bikes with grip-shifters on the handlebars.

Our Genuine Leather Grips Range, are designed for bikes without grip-shifters on the handlebars. They are perfect for adding a sense of sleekness and style to your ride. They are produced using hand-stitched leather with an embossed ‘LEKKER’ logo, and fitted with aluminium lock rings on the end of each grip. Our leather range provides a flatter alternative to our vinyl range, fitting firmly and securely to the handlebar whilst remaining sturdy and comfortable.

Lekker Bikes leather grips

Wicker Baskets

Our Lekker Wicker Baskets Range covers a range of different styles as well as sizes, providing a suitable carrying basket for whatever it may be that you’re transporting around town. Our baskets are designed to fit on both the rear carrier rack, as well as the front rack of our bikes, providing you with not only an added sense of style, but flexibility too. Our basket sizes range from small, to medium, to large, covering a range of colour options including dark brown, honey brown, as well as a natural. All baskets come with either straps or hooks, to securely attach them to your bike. The basket that is most suitable for you? This will of course depend on the style of bike that you have, as well as the amount of room you may require to carry your goods, around town.

Lekker Bikes wicker basket


Lights are of course are an essential accessory for your bike if you choose to ride at times when the sun is not so bright. Within Australia, road laws put in place by VicRoads, ensure that all riders must have both a front and rear light when riding at low-light times. This means, ensuring that you have a white light at the front, commonly placed on the handlebars, as well as a red light on the back, commonly placed on the seat post. Ensuring that you also have a red reflector on the back of your bike is a great idea to increase safety when you’re out on the road.

At Lekker Bikes, we have a range of bike lighting options covering these requirements, ranging from a retro styled design, to a more modern design, as well as our premium LED seat post light design. For you and your bike, it’s of course dependent on your preference regarding style, as well as budget. Our Vintage styled LED light is stylishly suited to our Vintage Lekker Bikes Range, such as with our Sportief or Jordaan series bikes. Our EGOE LED light is a very affordable all-rounder, both as a front and rear light, suitable for all of our bikes. Our Premium LED Seat Post Rear Light is a sleek, and very functional design, geared towards our Lekker Amsterdam Series including our Elite Series. At the end of the day, if you’re after a light set for your bike, whether it’s a Lekker or not, we have something suitable for your ride.

Lekker Bikes LED seat post

Whether you find yourself riding through Melbourne, or Sydney, the Lekker Bikes Accessories Range is perfectly suited to help you get the most out of your riding experience. Our accessories range can help you to increase comfort, ease, and safety on your commute, whether it’s through the busy CBD streets, or cruising along the outer-suburban trails, drop in to see how you can get more out of your ride not only today, but tonight too.

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